Passport Office Compliance Report

This Third Quarter compliance report for the Client Service Unit (CSU) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration (MFARI) on behalf of the Passport Office highlights the efforts of the bureau in meeting and exceeding compliance standards while ensuring quality
service delivery to clients.

The Client Service Unit is responsible for providing assistance and support to the public seeking passports.. The Unit’s primary goals include ensuring prompt service delivery, improving customer satisfaction, and maintaining the integrity of vital records.

The report covers key areas of compliance, performance metrix, challenges, and recommendations for improvement. This report outlines the key activities and achievements of the CSU as at the third quarter of 2023. It seeks to provide in-depth analysis on the activities of the Client Service Unit of the Passport Office in compliance with Service Delivery Standards and outline a thorough report on the current status of the unit for the Third Quarter of 2023.

The primary objectives of this report includes the assessment and evaluation of:

  • CSU’s performance in terms of the number of applications processed, processing times, and other key performance indicators.
  • the CSU’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements related to passport issuance and client service.
  • client satisfaction through feedback mechanisms, surveys, or client complaints.

This report also provides actionable recommendations for addressing challenges and enhancing performance of the CSU. Click below to read the whole report.

Passport Office Compliance Report

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