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The RSIM Directorate exists to create and manage knowledge-based (Evidence Based) qualitative and quantitative information for decision-making by the civil service.

Mr. Fred Charles Anson

Current Portfolio: Director, Research, Statistics and Information Management Directorate.

Working Experience: 33+ years

Appointments: National Employment Coordination Committee Ghana Electronic Procurement Systems (GHANEPS) Project

Educational & Professional Background: M.A (International Affairs) -1991 B.A (Economics) – 1989

Professional Membership: MCIT, CMLT, MCIPS, IoD, ChPA, CMC, IM

Hobbies: Ping pong, listening to marital, classical and jazz music

Fred Charles Anson


Coordinate the implementation of the governments ICT policies, strategies, programmes and initiatives within the Civil Service.

Initiate and plan research programmes, design implement surveys data collection instruments and conduct research into HR policy impacts within the Civil Service.

Develop awareness in the use of ICT within the Civil Service environment.

Maintain an up-to-date Human Resource database for policy formulation, modeling manpower planning.

Provide innovative solutions to address ICT and related infrastructure needs of OHCS directorates.

Provide technical advice to OHCS in the acquisition, development, implementation operations and maintenance of ICT hardware and software.

Implement policies and procedures for the execution of OHCS operations as a CMA in the areas of Information Management/Information Technology, Knowledge Management and e-governance.

Establish linkages with Ministry of Communications, Ghana Information and Communications Technology Directorate (GicTed), Ghana Statistical Services, ICT Center of Excellence and other relevant local and international research communities.

Coordinate with OHCS directorates to ensure effective and efficient information flow.

Undertake research on salary administration and to perform various ‘What if’ scenarios and to provide the relevant findings and recommendations to the Head of the Civil Service.

Develop framework for modeling, simulation and forecasting of human resource issues (management of jobs, staff numbers, skills, training and recruitment, succession planning, job/position evaluation etc.).


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The Directorate has 3 units namely,

  1. Information Communication Technology (ICT), and
  2. Research and Statistics (RS)
  3. Salary Administration

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