Friday, June 3, 2016


The District Crime Officer at the Accra Ministries Police Station, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Joseph Kojo Chikpa, has urged staff working within the government business hub in the Ministries in Accra, as a matter of security concern to endeavor to empower their security personnel to search vehicles and personal effects of their staff.

According to him these measures when properly enforced, would help significantly to reduce the incidence of insecurity and theft related cases within the Ministries enclave.

ASP Mr. Chikpa, remarked that most recorded crime cases emanating from the Ministries, Departments and Agencies internal theft issues, mostly stemmed from the lack of effective security controls in the catchment areas of the Ministries.

He made these known at a one-day Security Sensitization Workshop organized by the Office of the Head of Civil Service (OHCS), in conjunction with the Ministries Police in Accra, on the 12th April, 2016. The Workshop had been organized to give security training tips to the security Officers working within the Ministries enclave and also the Estates Officers from all the Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

The exercise followed the recent security alert from some security experts in Ghana in the wake of the recent Terrorist attacks in Mali, Ivory Coast and lately neighboring Burkina Faso, coupled with the prophecy of Prophet T.B. Joshua, a renowned Nigerian Pastor, who is prophesied, saying that Ghana was likely to be attack soon. 

ASP Mr. Chikpa, stressed that the security of any country should be of paramount concern to the people and therefore, any nation that relegates its security to the background would suffers loss of lives and properties of its citizens.

He further urged them to be alert and endeavor to execute their function diligently by questioning any suspicious characters who frequent the Ministries enclave, and also check on vehicles of clients who patronize the Ministries and Departments in order to ward off any looming security threats.

He called for adequate logistical support for security Officers working in and around the Ministries, in order to execute their functions professionally.

 He used this rare opportunity to charge on the security officers to give off their utmost in their security engagements.

On her part, the Director of Reform Coordinating Unit of the OHCS, Ms. Mariama Yaya, said OHCS, being the umbrella institution for the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) has a duty to ensure that government business is conducted in an atmosphere of serenity, and to fashion- out the security education to curb any life threatening situation and loss of properties within the Ministries enclave.  

Ms. Yaya, further stressed that the inclusion of the Estates officers of the various Ministries, Department and Agencies in the meeting was borne out of the fact that, they provide supervisory role to the security officers in the various MDAs.

She further pointed out that, the invitation of the Police personnel and the security guards to the meeting is an indication of the importance that OHCS attaches to security and its related issue within the Ministries enclave. 

Contributing to the discussion during the question time, participants lauded the initiative of the OHCS on the security alert education; an effort they said has sharpened their skills. They however, appealed for some motivational support and incentives to enable them do their work efficiently and effectively.