Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Amidst pump and pageantry today the office of the Head of Civil Service, (OHCS) endorsed the punctuality crusade waged by the Punctuality Ghana Foundation, a Civil Society Organisation based in Accra.

The campaign is aimed at promoting punctuality as an everyday aspect in the lives of Ghanaians; the Punctuality Ghana Foundation established in June 2017 has raised a banner on promoting punctuality in time and attitude towards work. Being a Civil Society Organization, Punctuality Ghana has had several organizations endorsing its recent move on promoting punctuality in time and attitude towards work.

The Speaker of Parliament, the Chairman of the Church of Pentecost, Hon. Ministers of Employment and Labor Relations, Transport, the President of UT holdings, the Managing Director of Graphic Group of Companies, the Mayor of Accra, the President of Ghana Journalists Association and the Chief Executive Officer, Ghana Investment Promotion Centre are currently endorsers of the foundation’s movement on promoting punctuality.

Speaking at endorsement ceremony Mr. Emmanuel Amarquaye, the Punctuality Crusader explained that, “Measuring Punctuality in the light of productivity, growth, development, increasing Government Revenue, minimizing corruption and making Ghana attractive’ are the basic mandates of the foundation.” In light of this, the two parties agreed that there was the need to start respecting time as the essence of productivity and development of our mother Ghana.

He commended Office of the Head of Civil Service for their participation and willingness to support the campaign.
Nana Agyekum Dwamena, the Head of Civil Service, readily accepted the challenged various Ministries to put more effort and measures into promoting punctuality, thus efficiency at the workplaces he said is one way to achieving the ‘Ghana beyond Aid’ agenda. 
He said the Office of the Head of Civil Service has begun something of this nature, we always impress upon our staff to be punctual to work because it’s one of the ways we can work to develop this country of ours.

Growth of an organization he said depends on various factors and one of them is punctuality of employees. Here is a list some of how punctuality affects productivity:
• When an individual is on time then it improves the workplace performance by eliminating the time constraint.
• Work life balance gets maintained which results in de-stressed life.
• It boosts the stamina which results in more creativity, concentration, innovations in the task and etc.
• Good reputation and an example are being set among colleagues.
• Builds healthy environment.

The above facts will helps in increasing the count of achievements which results in growth of an organization.
After several recommendations, deliberations and discussions on the need to promote Punctuality in our timing and attitudes towards work, the Head of Civil Service, Nana Agyekum Dwamena and the Punctuality Ghana Foundation signed pledges to be enforcers of the punctuality movement and as well urged all the staff of OHCS to do well to put up with better attitudes to facilitate organizational, personal and national development.

Source: OHCS-PR